Differences Between Microsoft and Evolution Drivers

Multiple Clients

The Evolution USB driver supports multiple applications opening both its MIDI In and Out ports simultaneously. This allows a user to have multiple applications running on the PC and to dynamically switch between them instead of having to shut down one application to free up the

MIDI port so that another application can then use it.

Multiple Instances

The Evolution USB driver supports multiple instances of the family of Evolution USB MIDI keyboard products. Thus more than one keyboard can be connected to the same PC simultaneously and be recognized and used by the system. This allows a user to use multiple keyboards to control a Hammond B3 synthesizer supporting two keyboards, or for a user and one or more friends to jam using multiple keyboards connected to the same PC system. These multiple instances can be a mix of different or the same keyboards from this Evolution USB MIDI keyboard product family. When multiple keyboards with the exact same product ID (PID) are connected at the same time, the MIDI In and Out port names for these keyboards has a number appended so that the user can distinguish between them in the MIDI application software.