Mac OS9 USB Driver

Installation Instructions

Please ensure that your Evolution USB MIDI keyboard is not connected before proceeding with the installation of the drivers.

If you do not have OMS installed, please run the OMS installer first.

Once OMS is installed, download the Mac USB drivers.

Double-click on the USB Drivers Installer icon to run the installer program.

This setup program will copy the USB drivers for your Evolution keyboard into the Extensions folder inside the System Folder. The OMS description file for the keyboard is installed into the OMS folder inside the System Folder.

Once the installation has successfully completed click on the Restart button.

Now connect your keyboard into the USB port on your Macintosh using the correct USB cable, the Mac will then recognise the keyboard and load the drivers.

Run the OMS Setup program and select new studio setup. The program will search for the drivers and once these are located, it will create a studio setup. Save this and make current.

If OMS Setup does not detect you keyboard it could be that the Evolution OMS Driver has not been copied into the OMS Folder. Double-click on the Macintosh HD then open the Evolution USB Drivers folder, if there is a Evolution OMS Driver icon here it needs to be copied into the OMS Folder within the System Folder. Then quit & re-run the OMS Setup program.