Sound Studio II 1.1

Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP

Sound Studio II is the new 32-bit sequencer from Evolution with VST plug-in support. It’s the eagerly awaited upgrade to our original 16 bit sequencer Sound Studio.

VST plugins are software representations of hardware effects units and musical Instruments. Sound Studio II comes bundled with 2 full VST synthesisers, 1 full VST drum sample player and 6 more demo synths and instruments, including the best selling FM7 and B4 from Native Instruments. Also bundled are 21 VST effect processors from MDA. But why stop there? You can find hundreds more plug-ins on the Web.

Using VST plugins with Sound Studio II opens up a whole new world of music making possibilities.


Check out the following Sound Studio II features:

  • Full VST 2.1 support for up to two instruments and two effects
  • ASIO support
  • User-configurable fast access toolbars for most used functions
  • Wave Browser to easily find and audition audio files
  • 61 Note virtual keyboard “VK-61”
  • Enhanced style play with 2 Variations & Fills, intro and outro
  • Supplied with 20 fully arranged styles.
  • Piano mode, Fingered and Single Finger Chord style play and record
  • Chord recognition
  • Recordable Chord Track with 15 chord types
  • Recordable Melody Track functionality direct from the VK-61
  • Convert chord track to midi tracks
  • 256 MIDI Tracks
  • 4 Recordable Stereo Audio Tracks
  • Multi-track record (including multi-track MIDI record)
  • Audio record and playback
  • AVI Support
  • Play video file in sync with music
  • Audio track bounce down
  • Audio input monitor
  • Audio normalise function and swap L-R function
  • Audio trim sample function
  • Import & Export of wave files
  • Glue facility for joining Audio or MIDI patterns together
  • Realtime reverb, echo and delay for Audio tracks
  • Realtime Panning and Volume for Audio tracks
  • Punch In / Out
  • Adjustable programmable mixer controls
  • Multi-part score edit and printing
  • Lyrics display and edit from score window
  • Windows ’95, ’98 & NT support
  • ‘Big Time’ Display
  • Patch lists can be customised
  • 16 Patch Lists can be in use at any one time.
  • Custom background colours with coloured patterns and auto detect patterns
  • Mini piano roll display
  • GM, XG and GS patch lists

System Requirements

Pentium II 300MHz or higher (if using VST plug-ins then 500MHz or higher), 128MB RAM, Windows 95 or higher, approved MME or ASIO compliant soundcard.