Music Teacher 1.3

Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP (file names limited to 8 characters)


  • Load in any MIDI file – and learn how to play it.
  • Supplied with 20 beginner lessons.
  • Suitable for Alfred Music range of teaching material including MIDI files.
  • Notes testing – learn the notes of a song
  • Rhythm testing – learn just the rhythm of a song
  • Notes and Rhythm Tests – learn both notes and rhythm of songs
  • Backing mode – The backing band will accompany your playing
  • Recital mode – Listen to MIDI files as though the program was a MIDI file player.
  • Score Display Area – View the musical data on up to 2 staves on treble and bass clefs.
  • Listen /Teach modes – teaches you one or two tracks at a time for any MIDI file
  • Loop mode – handy for practising difficult sections of a song.
  • 2-handed tests – learn left and right hand parts together.
  • Tempo settings – allows you to slow down a song to suit your needs.
  • Game screen – a fun way to learn musical phrases.
  • Note indicators – graphics will be displayed above notes to indicate incorrect pitch or rhythm
  • Results screen – gives you a percentage mark on your note or rhythm accuracy.
  • Use any MIDI keyboard or one of the Evolution range of super value keyboards