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Ableton Live – PC – Mac – Instructions
Logic – PC – Mac – Instructions
Cubase SX1, VST Multichannel and Channel Strip files – PC – Mac – Instructions
FM Preset files – PC – Press ‘Load’ in the FM-7 and load the file to use the preset


UC33e upgrade for UC33 user’s

The Evolution UC-33e is the affordable USB hardware controller, designed to be used with any computer music/MIDI setup. In fact, the UC-33e allows instant and simultaneous control of up to 47 different parameters, and with 33 memory locations, changing its setup is fast and easy. With its compact and intuitive design, the UC-33e fits into any studio, regardless of size. The UC-33e puts the power of music software in your hands.

Using controllers should be easy but it often isn’t. Even just setting up patches that actually work with a setup can be complicated and frustrating, not to mention the headache of having to remember which knob controls what parameter. These problems experienced with many controllers can actually defeat the whole purpose of using one in the first place! In an ideal world, using a controller should require zero effort. With the UC-33e, it really is that simple.

The UC-33e comes with 33 pre-configured presets allowing instant control of the most popular virtual instruments and host applications, ranging from Cubase SX to Propellerhead Reason to Native Instruments B4. We’ve even included 5 colour overlays which instantly transform the UC-33e into the Pro-53, B4, Ableton Live and a Channel Strip Mixer perfect for Cubase or Logic, plus there’s a blank for you to customise yourself.

All assignable real-time controllers are easily programmed with the numerical keypad. Select a controller, type in a MIDI cc number and the job is done. Each of the UC-33e’s 47 controllers can also be programmed to transmit on individual MIDI channels and even transmit pre-programmed Sys-Ex messages. Once completed, your setup can of course be stored in any of the 33 memory locations for recall whenever you need it. The Memory dump facility allows the entire contents of the UC-33e to be sent from the unit and a librarian program for PC users is included for saving, editing and sharing keyboard setups.

The unique controller mute function mutes the output of all controllers allowing you to position them before tweaking, no more annoying jumping filters or levels during your performance. Plus, it’s great for killing tracks/effects then slamming them back in.

The UC-33e can of course also be used with a conventional MIDI setup, for live performances or as a remote controller for your existing studio rack. The MIDI Out not only acts as an output for data from your computer system, but used stand-alone the UC-33 sends MIDI controller data straight from the MIDI Out to your MIDI rack. Even complex live setups are easy to control from a single unit due to the UC-33’s powerful programming features.

ctr_uc33e_2 ctr_uc33e_3 ctr_uc33e_1


  • 24 fully assignable rotary knobs
  • 9 full-size assignable ALPS faders with light indicators
  • Independent channel assign for all 47 controllers
  • 33 memory locations for storing your settings, including 4 one touch access buttons
  • 14 assignable buttons provide fingertip control over Transport and other sequencer functions. Doubles up as essential numeric keypad for data entry.
  • Unique controller mute function mutes the output of all controllers so you can position them to the value you want before tweaking.
  • Multi-purpose LCD display shows controller assignments
  • Drawbar mode for faders for realistic control of those classic organ sounds
  • Memory dump facility.
  • Global channel assign allows any given set of controllers to control up to 16 different channels at the touch of a button, while others can keep their channel setting.
  • Sys-Ex librarian software allows PC users to load, save, send and receive any combination of setups for your studio.
  • Snap Shot sends out current controller position data and sets your synths controls to the current UC-33 setting.

Controllers Requirements

  • Controllers Requirements: PC/Mac or MIDI hardware with USB or MIDI In.
  • Software Requirements: Pentium II 300MHz 128Mb RAM or better, USB socket, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, approved MME or ASIO compliant soundcard.
  • iMac, Power Mac G3 or better with USB running OS9/OSX.
  • Controller powered by USB (cable included) or 9V DC, 250-300mA centre positive power adaptor (not included).

Dimensions (cm):

32 x 21 x 7

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