Start learning and having fun with music on your PC

The eKeys49 keyboard

A full size, velocity sensitive 49-note USB keyboard with a compact and elegant design, ideal for any home computer setup. There’s no need for an external power supply or untidy cabling. Simply plug it into your computers USB port and that’s all the connection it needs. Once installed, the eKeys49 will work with any standard music software, as well as the fantastic eKeys49 software bundle.

Whether you want to create your own compositions, teach children basic skills such as the alphabet and numbers or learn to play the piano, eKeys49 does it all.

Picture Board

is a fantastic early learning tool which teaches children essentials such as numbers, animal names, household objects and the alphabet, while cleverly introducing them to the music keyboard through a fun combination of sounds and images. You can personalise Picture Board by adding your own images (bit map files) and sounds (wav files), ideal for teaching children the names of family members! It’s a great way to learn at many different levels and a perfect introduction to the keyboard.

Music Teacher

Learning the keyboard has never been this much fun. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or just need a refresher course, there are 30 lessons to take you from the basic steps right through to playing a complete composition. Practice rhythm, pitch or both together, then get a score and comments from the teacher. You can even load in your favourite songs as MIDI files and learn all the different parts! THen play with the rest of the Music Teacher band and enjoy being part of a world class performance.

Sound Studio II

Produce your own music with this multi-track studio. Record individual parts, vocals, live instruments, add effects, even print out the score. From a simply tune to a complex arrangement, Sound Studio can do it all. Go wild with 256 MIDI tracks, 4 stereo audio tracks plus 2 VST plug-ins and 2 virtual instruments. Packed full of pro-features including Audio, Score and Drum editors. Sound Studio comes bundled with 2 full VST synthesisers, 1 full VST drum sample player and 6 more demo synths and instruments, including the best selling FM7 and B4 from Native Instruments.

Software included:

Dimensions (cm):

80 x 21 x 8


  • PC/Mac or MIDI hardware with USB or MIDI In.
  • Pentium II 300MHz 128Mb RAM or better, USB socket Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, approved MME or ASIO compliant soundcard.
  • iMac, Power Mac G3 or better with USB running OS9/OSX.
  • Keyboard powered by USB (cable included) or 9V DC, 250-300mA centre positive power adaptor (not included).

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