The UC-33e has arrived taking software control to the next level

The UC-33e allows instant and simultaneous controls of up to 47 different parameters via its 24 assignable rotary controllers, nine assignable sliders, and fourteen assignable buttons including a 10-button keypad. 33 non-volatile memory locations allow quick and easy setup changes. The UC-33e can be used with a conventional MIDI setup, for live performances, or as a remote controller for an existing studio rack. When used in standalone mode, the MIDI Out can be used to send MIDI controller data to a MIDI rack. To facilitate easy use of the controller with leading music software, the UC-33e comes with pre-configured settings for use with a variety of popular plug-ins, virtual instruments and host applications (including presets for Propellerhead Reason’s Malstrom, Subtractor, ReDrum, Dr.Rex, NN-19 and Mixer). The unit also ships with 5 color overlays for the front panel customized for popular software programs such as Ableton Live, plus a blank template users can tailor to their personal setup needs. The UC-33e’s unique controller mute function mutes the output of all controllers, allowing users to position them before tweaking, thereby preventing parameters such as filter cut-off or amplitude levels from changing abruptly during performance. The unit also features a drawbar mode for the sliders, which greatly enhances the experience of playing virtual instruments such as Native Instruments’ B4 virtual Hammond organ.

The UC-33e ships with an extensive software bundle featuring a dedicated librarian program that gives PC users the ability to save, edit and share keyboard setups. Also included are Sound Studio II, a powerful MIDI and audio sequencer with VST plug-in support Music Teacher, a tutorial program that teaches novices to play the keyboard; MusicPlanet, an array of professionally recorded samples; and a large selection of VST plug-ins and Virtual Instrument demos. “Software programs like Propellerhead Reason and Ableton Live are so rich with functionality, and the UC-33e makes it easier to access all the advanced features of the programs than ever before,” says Adam Castillo, M-Audio Marketing Director. “Evolution has brought powerful functionality and ease-of-use together into one compact package that can easily fit into any studio setup.”